Fundamentally change the way you fill out your bracket with this ridiculous strategy. It might just work!


In all my years of entering March Madness Pools, I have NEVER won. Ever. Why?

I think it's because I overthink (or I underthink?). Either way, my heart gets in the way. My negative bias against certain teams or my love FOR certain teams makes me fill out my bracket in a certain way.

1.) I always seem to pick Michigan St. to win it all or lose in the 1st Round - When I pick them to win it all, they lose in the 1st Rd and when I pick them to lose in the 1st Rd, they win it all. See what I'm working with here?
2.) I always seem to pick Duke to go to the FInal Four
- Whoa. Not this year - yikes
3.) I never pick all 1 seeds in the Final Four
- Where's the fun it that?
4.) I love underdogs. Maybe too much -
I always put way too much on a prospective St Bonaventure Cinderella Run when in reality they just get blown out in the 1st Rd.

I need to cleanse myself of these behaviors!

My Background

I watch a TON of college basketball. It's always on. Whether it's Big Monday or a random weekday Colonial League game, I will sit and watch. With the legalization of sports betting in Illinois, I feel as though I have an even deeper knowledge of the teams this year. However, I have zero confidence that will do anything for me when filling out a bracket. Somethings got to give.


The #BlindBracketChallenge

Here's what you do.

1.) Download a Blind Bracket here - or use whatever bracket you want
2.) Fill out the Bracket according to the Seeds -
You must do this before The Selection Show on Sunday March 14th.
3.) After the Selection Show, fill in your teams
- BAM! You have a winning bracket to enter into all of your pools this year.
4.) After you fill out your Blind Bracket, let us know on Twitter what your Final Four is
- Also see what others are doing

Some Tips for Success

According to, here are some trends for seeds. Upsets happen every year. Arm yourself with some trends as you embark on your blind journey.

First Round Upset Frequency

Second Round Upset Frequency

Enter in your picks with this chart in mind. Read this article and get familiar with how the upsets traditionally shake out.

Here's my Blind Bracket


Give it a shot! You have nothing to lose and all the Bracket glory to gain!

See what others are doing with their Blind Bracket on Twitter and Instagram.


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