$100 Jackpot: What will be the LAST play of the Super Bowl?

We listed out 8 options. It's simple. Guess Correctly. Win the Jackpot

What will be the LAST play of the Super Bowl?

What will happen as the clock hits 0s? What will happen right before the confetti falls?

Here are your options.

1.) Rushing TD
2.) Missed Field Goal - Very Dramatic!
3.) Made Field Goal - The last game winning field goal was in 2004 with Adam Vinatieri in Super Bowl XXXVIII. This is 3rd most popular guess. The key here? The clock needs to show all 0s for this to actually be the last play!
4.) Interception - Fun Fact: Malcolm Butler's interception in the final moments of Super Bowl XLIX was actually made with 20 seconds left. It was not the last play of the game.
5.) Lost Fumble
6.) Incomplete Pass - This is a hot guess for when the trailing team has the ball in the final moments. Currently the 2nd Most popular guess.
7.) Passing TD
8.) QB Kneel - This is currently the most popular guess. Also, the safest.


How does Jackpot Work?

It is a simple guessing game. We ask a question. You take a guess. If you are correct, you win the Jackpot! It is really that simple. It is free to play and the prize is real hard cash! For the Super Bowl, we have 5 Jackpots worth $500 total. Check it out!